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Music & movement classes for babies, toddlers and preschool children in New Malden, south west London & north Surrey

What we do

Every Jiggle & Jam class is an active, imaginative musical adventure. By building musical skills from birth and tailoring classes to specific age groups, we nurture your baby's natural-born love of music and help toddlers & preschool children blossom into confident singers, rhythmic movers and joyful music-makers!

The power of music

Participating in music nurtures childrens' confidence, concentration, empathy, imagination, social skills and emotional expression, helping them to learn about themselves and the world around them...and, above all, experience happiness & joy!

Many research studies (collated by Susan Hallam at the University of London's Institute of Education, 2006 into a document called 'The Power of Music') have also shown that music helps the brain 'process sound' better, boosting language and literacy skills, while mastering musical rhythm and learning to read music have both been shown to improve maths skills.

Music is also heavily linked to Sport as both utilise 'right-brain' skills such as coordination, creativity, initiative & reflexes as well as nurturing commitment, performance, collaboration & teamwork.

High quality musical education

All Jiggle & Jam classes are led by trained musicians, passionate about music and knowledgeable about babies' developmental stages. Songs are sung in tune & with gusto! We use real instruments to provide gentle, live accompaniment to enthral & engage babies & toddlers without overwhelming little ears. Our preschool classes give children the chance to try 'grown up' instruments for themselves!

We constantly update our skills & research-based knowledge with highly regarded courses & workshops. The fundamentals of the world-renowned Kodaly Approach & Colourstrings (establishing musicality through the voice) & Dalcroze Eurythmics (musicality & rhythm through body movement) are infused into every Jiggle & Jam class giving every child the best possible start to their musical journey.

Move to the beat

All babies are born with an innate sense of rhythm and are genetically 'wired' to enjoy & respond to music....but it is very much a case of 'use it or lose it'! We actively encourage all babies & toddlers at our classes to move, jiggle, dance, crawl, explore, i.e. to respond to the music in their own unique way. This encourages the development of their natural rhythm, self-expression & musicality.

Time for a story

We also feel passionately about the relationship between music & language. The format of our classes is designed to encourage interaction between you and your child, while our repertoire of songs & rhymes are carefully chosen to boost your child's vocabulary and understanding of the world. In our Jammers classes, every song is linked together into an engaging story, firing their imaginations & absorbing them in the songs.

Local & loved

We are a local, independent business, exclusive to the Merton & Kingston areas of south west London & North Surrey. Many local parents continue coming to our classes for years, making good friends & returning with subsequent siblings. Why not come along and join our growing Jiggle & Jam family?!


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