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Music & movement classes for babies, toddlers and preschool children in New Malden, south west London & north Surrey

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NatureJam = Music & Movement in Nature

NatureJam is an opportunity to join other families in a relaxed, green outdoor space to enjoy songs, rhymes and music making together.

The benefits for little ones of Music and Nature are plentiful and overlapping. Both Music and Nature encourage us to explore our senses, move our bodies, connect to our emotions, to each other and to the world around us.

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Happy minds & healthy bodies

Group singing and music-making has also been shown to release 'happy hormones' and reduce stress which in turn regulates our kinds and bodies, boosting our immunity. Time spent outdoors engaging in Nature has a similar effect - in addition, microbes in soil, oxygen-releasing trees and plenty of Vitamin D and fresh air provides a healthier and happier environment both for us and our little ones, strengthening immune systems, especially over Autumn and Winter.

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Nature leads the way

We are lucky that our regular Motspur Park venue (the Scout Centre KT3 6LX) has a great outdoor space - a large field surrounded by mature trees that provide plenty of shade and shelter.

All NatureJam sessions embrace an 'outdoor learning' approach, incorporating the natural environment into our music making & exploration. Grasshopper toddler music sessions are also child-led: although there is an over-arching format and/or theme, sessions are flexible enough to allow us to follow the children's lead. If there is a song or activity they are particularly enjoying, we will do that for longer, or repeat it the following week or weeks. Sessions are shaped around the unique interests and personalities of the group. There can even be moments of creativity and improvisation within a session, e.g. inventing a new song, or a spontaneous new activity or nature discovery by the children being developed for the group.

For example, Grasshoppers love looking for bugs and climbing on the logs in the wooded area - if they head for the area, I will follow and adapt the flow of the session to incorpate this spontaneous choice, or they may decide they want to spend more time playing the large gathering drum, as one leads and others join in, or invent a new activity around sticks or leaves they have found, leading us to sing or improvise songs or rhymes around these natural treasures.

Moving to the Music

NatureJam incorporates movement at the heart of its sessions. The outdoor environment gives us space and freedom to move, which also nurtures the little ones' musicality, pulse and rhythm. For babies, we include baby yoga holds and sways and rhythmic moves for little arms and legs, as well as knee bouncers. For toddlers there are plenty of action songs, as well as marching, twirling, jumping. This encourages children to feel the music through their bodies. It also boosts their confidence, builds bones and muscles, improves their balance and proprioception (body awareness). For preschooler, we have musical games to embed key musical skills and also use natural resources to create outdoor musical notation as well as our own compositions and soundscapes!

How it works

NatureJam outdoor music & movement sessions are tailored to different age groups:

Seedlings - babies 0 - 6 months (Apr to Oct ONLY)

Grasshoppers  older babies & toddlers 6 months - 3 years

For current prices, session times and availability, please view our Current Timetable

To book or enquire further, please Email and include your baby's name and age


Between Nov-Feb, session take place INDOORS in a large spacious ground floor Hall with free onsite parking.

Between March-Oct, sessions will take place OUTDOORS (unless it is wet or too windy) in a large private field behind a Scout Hall surrounded by mature trees, shrubs and flowers (with easy access to indoor toilets & free onsite parking) in Motspur Park, New Malden, Surrey:
The address is Scout Centre, Arthur Rd, New Malden, Surrey KT3 6LX.

FREE PARKING is available on site. There is also free on-street parking available on Arthur Rd and other nearby residential side roads including Tennyson Ave and Seaforth Ave.
The K5 bus stops on West Barnes Lane a few mins walk away. Motspur Park Station is also a few mins walk away.
**please note there are stairs at Motspur Park Station**


Newly refurbished INDOOR TOILETS and changing tables will be available at ALL outdoor sessions.


In wet / very windy / stormy weather, sessions move indoors to our spacious, easily accessible ground floor Hall.

However, our Grasshoppers (toddlers) often enjoy popping out for a rainy stomp or puddle jump!
And, if the rain then clears during a Starlings or Seedlings (babies) session, we will often move outside for some standing, walking or swaying songs to enjoy that magically fresh 'after-rain' air...

So always come dressed for the weather!


Waterproof groundsheets & foam jigsaw mats are provided for sitting on. You are welcome to bring your own baby blanket or picnic blanket to go on top


Everyone needs to be dressed appropriately for the weather forecast in clothing and footwear that you are happy to get a bit muddy.


Please do not attend if you or your child are unwell, particularly if they have anything that could be contagious OR are not well enough to.enjoy the session.



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